Dear Sirs,    We have seen your advertisement in “The Economy Daily”and are interested in your leather boxes and shoes of all kinds.    Please quote us for the supply of the item listed on the enclosed query form,giving your prices C.I.F.Shanghai.Please send us full details of your goods,your earilest delivery and discounts for regular purchases.    As our annual requirements in leather sundries of all kinds are considerable,perhaps you would also send us your catalog and details of your specifications.    Yours truly,    中文对照    敬启者:    我方在《经济日报》上看到贵公司的广告,对贵公司的皮箱和各类皮鞋,甚感兴趣。    请贵方将附表内各项目以C.I.F.上海报货价来函告知,并请贵公司将产品详细情况、最快交货日期及经常订购的折扣告诉本公司。    本公司对各类皮革日用杂货每年需求?#21487;?#22823;,请贵方惠赠一份目录及详细?#24471;?#20070;。    ×××敬上。